When Parenthood Makes You Gag: Don't Drink the Water

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If you need a little laugh today, check out this post by Amy at Funny Is Family. It's a little bit gross though, like most things in parenthood. Maybe you shouldn't read it on a full Thanksgiving belly. Definitely don't read it if someone just brought you some Gatorade. But laugh, because that's all we can do when parenting gets gross, right?

I can hear the ominous music as she sets up the scene:

Litter in a field.Now my kids are about 50/50 on cleaning up their own bath toys, and on this day I was tasked with cleanup. G had filled the Gatorade bottle with bathwater and capped it tightly, so I carried it to the kitchen to be emptied and put in the recycling. Listen carefully: Beverage containers filled with bathwater should not be taken to a second location. Much like a kidnapping situation, nothing good can come from going to a second location. That was my biggest mistake. I am easily distracted, and I forgot about that bottle of bathwater nestled snugly with the rest of the paraphernalia crowded around the kitchen sink.

Fast forward to the next evening, kids in bed, me lounging on the couch with my favorite blanket, watching some sort of crime drama. I was thirsty and The Doctor was up, so I asked him to get me some water. He brought me -- you know what it's going to be, right? -- a Gatorade bottle of water.


Photo Credit: geoffruddock.

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