When Parents Are Just As Bad

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes kids can say mean things when they don't know someone. It's not nice or respectful, but there's the point that children are still learning about the ways that people are different. The problem I have is the one that Amy at The Adventures at JAMC has: when parents are just as bad (or worse) as their children. They recently had a not-so-nice exchange. It makes me consider how I react to children -- and how others react to mine. -Jenna]

When Parents Are As Bad As the Kids:

Quiet playgroundJodie went over there a few times to make sure Mason realized to give them space. Except for a few brief moments, Mason wasn't even by the kids...he was just talking to himself, or to Connor. Suddenly the youngest boy came running up to his parents and said, "That kid is terrible! He's crazy!" The mom said, "We'd better leave!" and motioned for the girls to come with her. As they approached the table the mom said, "What did he do to you?" The younger girl shrugged and said, "He kept talking and talking to us and we're like, dude, we're trying to eat." So they all walked out the door. As they walked right past us, I wanted to say something. I don't know what. Maybe, "He has autism." Would that help? Who knows. But I was frozen in my seat. I just didn't get the mom's hostility, and watching other kids call my child "crazy"...AND their parents agreeing with them and laughing along with them was too much. Suddenly, right as they passed us, my friend said, "It's really not nice to make fun of people you know nothing about." They glanced at her...and kept on going. I had expected them to come back...maybe say something...but they just kept going.

I admit, it kind of ruined the rest of my day.

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