When Reality Doesn't Conform to Expectations

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Editor's Note: When a 4:30 a.m. toddler tantrum rocked this pregnant mama out of slumber, she faced a tiny human unhappy with his sleeping scenario. After some patient love tactics, she eventually got him settled comfortably into the exact same sleeping scenario he originally fought against. Amidst all the sweaty tears, she had some deep, dark o'thirty thoughts about how grown-ups do the exact same thing. --Heather

How many times has your unhappiness stemmed from the disparity between the idea you carry in your brain of what will make you happy, and the actual reality you face? How much joy do you and I miss because of this comparison?

What are the chances we are exactly like a 2-year-old fighting against the person who loves us and holds us and comforts us no matter how much we fight against him? What if we are the ones who are demanding it happen our way, instead of receiving joyfully what we do in fact have, and what we are, in fact, given?

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