Stranger Scorn: What To Do When Strangers Attack

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[Editor's Note: Have you ever been the victim of a stranger's scorn? Of course you have! We all have at one time or another, especially when it comes to parenting. Amy at Carriage Before Marriage recently had to console her husband who had his first run in with an overly opinionated stranger. She was trying to share with him some examples, so feel free to chime in with the times you've had a stranger lay into you about something parenting-based. -Jenna]

When Strangers Attack:

109/365Welcome to Stranger Scorn, babe. It’s here, it sears, get used to it.

Dave was shaken up. I told him not to take it personally -- that all parents of young children have at some point received rude comments about their kids, their parenting or both.

I gave examples:

  • A woman I know was rushing her crying baby to the back of an airplane, trying desperately to calm him, when a passenger glared at her, put a finger to his lips and hissed, “Shhhh!” Like that helps.

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