When You're Having A Mother of A Day...

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[Editor's Note: We all dread having one of THOSE days. Not just the days when your kids are acting up, or the car won't start, or your daughter leaves her homework at school, or the meatloaf burns. (Does anyone still eat meatloaf?) It's one of those days when you lose control and drop the Mom In Charge veil and become undone. *sigh* Bummer. Tracy at Sellabit Mum wrote a beautiful post that perfectly captures the cringey feeling of those days. Think cringe and beautiful can't exist in the same sentence, much less the same post? Well, read on…—Stacy]

It was one of those days. You know, those days of being a mother.

And you think about all of the things that went wrong that day and all of the wrong things you said and did and handled certain situations and you just want to rewind and start again. Or fast forward and move onto next Tuesday.

And you are angry and disappointed and frustrated and confused.

You are a mother. And then you take that deep breath of perspective as you sit here remembering that you are supposed to be thankful, that you are allowed to have these bad days because you are alive and your kids are alive and you are healthy and you have food and shelter.

And then you say bullshit—I can bitch about my bad day. Even if it’s just to myself.

You are a mother.

And you start back at the beginning of the day and wonder where the bad started.


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Was it the fight about the stupid sweater that SHE picked out and BEGGED me to buy and now two months later HATES and won’t wear and you decided to win this stupid fight and MAKE her wear the sweater she insisted on buying in August? You watch her with her arms folded all day.

Was it because you let them eat waffles with Nutella instead of a healthy breakfast?

Was it because you had to rush on Saturday morning to attend an event which turned into a gigantic clusterfu$%k that you had NO business taking a toddler to. You remind yourself why you don’t do things like that on a Saturday with the other one million people in your town. Because you hate it. Your kids hate it. Your toddler hates it so much that after three hours of one of us in tears, you carry your toddler upside-down to the car because that is the only way you can even physically hold her.…

You must read the rest (click here). Trust me on this. Then let's all talk about how these days feel and make each other feel better.

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