When Your Child Wants You To Pray

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Many parents have said that they'll be fine if their child grows up and has a different religious, political or general belief than what they were raised "believing." I don't think many of us expect our children to test that "different is okay" thought process when our kids are still toddlers though. Amy at Baby Baby Lemon is fielding these issues with her son who is attending a church affiliated preschool -- while they aren't religious as a family. It already has her on her toes.

She shared a recent exchange and her thoughts on it:

ShivaAnd then tonight in the bath, he said “thank you god mumble mumble help me do the things I should.” I asked what he said and he said it was pray. I asked “prayer?” He replied, “yes, prayer snack.” My best toddler translation guide makes me think that they say a little prayer before snack. He did go to school today. But, then he said it.

“Can you prayers, mama?”

I told him that I didn’t know the words and asked him to please teach me. He mumbled a few things and then started pronouncing should in a bunch of funny ways and cracking both of us up. Shood. Shuuud. Shoouud. Then he moved on to robots. He is a toddler after all.

All of this got me thinking about where I stand on the whole jesus-prayers-god thing.

Photo Credit: xomiele.

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