Of Unicorns and Perfect Mamas

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[Editor's Note: If you need some encouragement as a mom, I invite you not only to read this letter-slash-post by Sarah Besey, but to also check out the Mother Letters project. I have a few I could write. I have a few I should write. I especially loved Sarah's, however. She makes me feel like I'm the best mom ever. And guess what -- so are you. -Jenna]

In Which I Write a Letter to You, Mama:

Unicorn - TrotThere is no perfect mother.

If there is one thing that has tripped me up most as a mum, especially in the early years of this, it's the belief that somewhere, out there, was The Perfect Mother. Sometimes she was my own mother. Sometimes she was someone online. Sometimes she was someone at church or at the playground. I'd see one brief moment of her life, or hear her speak, or see her kids, and think, I bet she never resents wiping bums or feels bored, I bet she never feels so tired that even her eyebrows are aching, I bet she loves every single minute of this mothering thing and I bet her kids listen to classical music and never bicker. I bet she's a better mother than me.

That just isn't true, The Perfect Mother only exists in the land of unicorns.

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