Personal Cheerleaders: Do You Feel Socially Supported?

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Editor’s note: With the upcoming Super Bowl on everyone’s minds (my husband’s a 49ers fan), this post about assembling your own personal “dream team” caught my eye. Nothing gets us through the low points in life like knowing that there are people on our side, cheering us on. And new scientific research suggests that it’s not who or how many people are rooting for us, but something far more surprising: How supported you feel inside. –- Judy

Studies of people who overcome difficult circumstances point time and time again to the crucial nature of social support. This means that people who are the most successful at making positive changes and surviving challenges are the ones who can identify a positive support network around them. It turns out the many of the positive effects of social support can be garnered just from believing yourself to be supported, regardless of whether someone is actually wiping away your tears. Maybe an imaginary shoulder is as sturdy to lean on as a real one?

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