Who Can We Blame for the Seattle-Area School Shooting?

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You've probably heard that a nine-year-old boy brought a gun to school in Bremerton, WA, allegedly and accidentally shooting his eight-year-old classmate, Amina Bowman. She was flown to the hospital and is reportedly pulling through, but it's left the community -- and the rest of the country -- with questions. Truthful Mommy talked about the Seattle school shootings in her "Throatpunch Thursday" series.

She has some angry questions for those responsible:

Gun in Back PackThe Asshats who fight for stupid people to have the right to bear arms. If you are going to fight so diligently for the right to bear arms, at the very least be equally as vigilant in your pursuit to have stupid assholes sterilized and/or given an IQ test before being handed a gun and the right to buy bullets.

Throat punch to the kid who brought the loaded gun to school in his backpack. Why did he have a gun in the first place? Was he planning on shooting up the entire school Columbine style? Is he a lunatic? Was it that easy for him to just grab a loaded gun on the way out the door to school? Don't his parents check his backpack to see what homework he has for correspondences from the teacher? It can't be just me who does this?

[Editor's Note: Like other news organizations, we originally reported that the shooting was in Seattle to identify the metropolitan area. We have updated to reflect the true location. -Jenna]

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