Have You Played with Your Kids Today?

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[Editor's Note: Maybe you're like me and you have some extra time off this week due to the holidays. If so, I encourage you to play more with your kids and not just veg in front of the Internet at large. Lisa at One Thankful Mom explains why in a very interesting post about play and brains and children. Give it a read -- and then go play! -Jenna]

The Whole Brain Child: Why Fun Truly Matters:

UntitledWhen the kids went to bed, we were still smiling and my heart felt lighter. While being a nurturing mom comes fairly naturally to me, being playful isn’t quite so easy. I’m pretty sure I used to be better at it, but with so many challenges and so many needs, I tend to hunker down, focus on what needs to be accomplished, and plow through each day.

The final chapter of The Whole-Brain Child is “The Me-We Connection: Integrating Self and Other.” It focuses on developing insight and empathy, which together create what the authors call mindsight. The chapter is packed with good things, but I was particularly delighted – and challenged – when I read “Whole-Brain Strategy #11 Increase the Family Fun Factor: Making a Point to Enjoy Each Other”. We’ve all heard that there is value in playing with our kids, but this is neuroscience, folks, so I was paying close attention.


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