Why the ACA is Awful: Estate "Recovery"

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Only if you are 55 and older are you subject to this "estate recovery" bullshit that requires you get inferior coverage through Medicaid but it is only a loan with your estate as collateral.Paul Craig Roberts wrote about this a year ago, excerpting a piece written by somebody in the know about the "fine print" of the ACA. This time the writer expands on the despicable fine print: The hard sell is on for states to privatize Medicaid, and many who are forced into Medicaid by Obamacare will also be forced into managed care plans as is the case in Massachusetts. This represents yet another noose around the necks of low-income and poor people since the three payments described above are recoverable from estates.Once the limited estates of poor and low-income Americans have been taken to reimburse Medicaid, the U.S. will be left with a permanently poorer and more desperate population and will be faced with higher Medicaid costs as there will no longer be any private property to confiscate. . . .

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