Why and How to Truncate a Blog Feed

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[Editor's Note: If you're worried about content scrapers, truncating your feed is a good idea.  It allows a blog to have an rss feed so blog readers can follow along from their favourite reader program, but it discourages spam blogs from taking your content and running it on their blog.  Home Stories A 2 Z explains why and how to truncate your feed.  Make sure you don't skip her comment section which contains even more information for truncating your feed. --Mel]

This word simply means “to shorten”. A truncated feed is a shortened version of a blog post. A truncated blog feed will only show a snippet of the post with a “continue reading” link inserted. To read the full post, a reader needs to click on the link to be taken to the actual blog post. One little click. It certainly isn’t as convenient as having the full post in front of you, but is a fantastic way of saying “thank you” to all the blogs you love who offer inspiration.

Do you run a truncated feed? Why or why not

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