Why Are Pinterest Moms Rewarding Whining?

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[Editor's Note: When I was growing up, if we dared to mention the word "bored," my mom gave us something to do. Some chore. Some task that needed to be done that was, in fact, much more boring than simply being bored. It taught us lessons about not whining and the fact that there's always something that needs done. Or, you know, it did in theory. Maybe that's why the Bored Jar that's all over Pinterest for summer break ideas rubs me the wrong way. The Crislers felt the same way, wondering what the jar is really teaching our kiddos. Do you have a bored jar or other "bored policy" in your home? -Jenna]

Oh, You're Bored, Are You?:

Bored JarI can tell other children are also on the brink of freedom; Pinterest is full of fun summer activities for kids. There are some really good ones on there. There are also some not so great ideas.

One that I keep seeing goes by several different names, but the most popular appears to be "The Bored Jar." The description usually reads something like, "The answer to all those times your kids come to you saying they're bored! 100 amazing fun educational activities printed on slips of paper! Just have your child pull one out when they're bored and let the fun begin!!!"

So here's my question: Who's brilliant idea was it to start rewarding kids for whining?

I realize that the jar is not for whining; it's for boredom. But when was the last time a kid came up to you and said, "Pardon me, but I find myself with nothing to do at this moment. Could I possibly infringe upon your boundless creativity to find something for me to do, please?"

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