Why The Atlantic Says Women Can't Have It All

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[Editor's note: A new article in The Atlantic revives a tired old question, Can Women Have It All?, complete with a dated cover of a baby popping out of a briefcase. My own opinion is no, we can’t, and it’s not because of feminism. Still, the story by Ann-Marie Slaughter, who left her high-profile and exhausting job working for Hillary Clinton, to return to her job as a professor at Princeton, is a must-read about women’s roles. As E.J. Graff at The American Prospect notes, Slaughter’s piece makes some excellent points about women’s struggles.--Mona]

She’s right about this core truth: Being both a good parent and an all-out professional cannot be done the way we currently run our educational and work systems. When I talk to friends who’ve just had children, here’s what I tell them: Being a working parent in our society is structurally impossible. It can’t be done right, so don’t blame yourself when you’re failing. You’ll always be failing at something—as a spouse, as a parent, as a worker. Just get used to that feeling. Slaughter’s entire article is worth reading for her nuanced exploration of that alone.

Do you believe that women can't have it all?

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