Why Would I Want My Son to Be Like Everyone Else?

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Editor's Note: It was one thing when Karen at The Rocking Pony learned that the "no costume" policy wasn't school wide, but a teacher-imposed one based on her son's distraction level when he wore costumes to school. It was another thing entirely when Karen was basically chastised for not encouraging her son to "fit in" more. She felt discouraged after the conversation, so why not go give her some support? -Jenna

Why Can't We All Just Wear Poodle Skirts:

But then things were said that I was not down with. If the conversation would have stopped right there, we could have parted on agreeable terms and that would have been the end of it. Sadly, that's not how events transpired. The conversation continued, and the question was asked, "And don't you want him to fit in with the other kids?" The answer is simple. NO. I do NOT want Micah to fit in with the other kids. Not any more than I want my other kids to fit in with crowds. It took me years to realize that standing out because you're you is the very best thing that you can be. To that end, I encourage my kids to be themselves, even (or especially!) if that makes them different than anyone else. If you're confident in who you are, you'll rarely get mocked for it. In fact, people admire those bold enough to stand apart. It's what we all long for, but few are brave enough to actually do.

Poodle Skirt
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