The Heart Is A Muscle, It Needs Fitness Too

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Editor's Note: It has been a busy heart month, full of incredible interviews and guides to improving our health. To bring it to a perfect close, here is a reminder and call to action from Samantha at the The More I Run. -- AVF

Did you know that just like the other muscles in your body, your heart is a muscle and needs exercising, too. And also, just like your other muscles will atrophy when not used, your heart muscle will atrophy as well.

"Heart in hand" via Shutterstock.

Atrophy: waste away, become emaciated, wither, shrivel {up}, shrink, decay, decline, deteriorate, degenerate, weaken.

Now of course and thankfully, our heart is working all the time, 24/7. But what happens over time and as we age, our heart muscle also ages and weakens. When our heart muscle weakens, it gets more and more difficult to pump blood around to our body. And when that happens, heart disease, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions may occur.

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