Why Do Teens Need Smartphones?

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Does your teen have a cell phone? That used to be the question that was debated. Now the question has changed a little. Does your teen have a smartphone? There's a difference, a big one, and April at My Bizarre Family is standing firm in her belief that teens don't need smartphones.

She's shocked at how other parents handle this issue.

an evening playing 'smartphone' pub quiz with the exeter twitterati!“Mom, can I have a smartphone when I go to high school?”, my son recently asked me. Um…NO!

Seriously? WHY would a parent get their pre-teen or teenager a smartphone or their own laptop or anything else that they can freely access the internet on? Do they not know the dangers? Not only are there perverts trolling for kids on the internet, but I’m also talking about the other sites your child will more than likely check out (and possibly frequent frequently?). “Bad kids” are not the only ones that will go to the adult sites…even good, church going kids go to those sites…either because of peer pressure or just curiosity or whatever…and it can easily get out of hand.

I asked a few parents whom I knew allowed their kids smartphones and/or their own personal laptops if they had internet and parental control software installed on those devices. ALL of them answered no. WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?!

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