Why Do We Give Out Birthday Party Favors?

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[Editor's Note: Oh, birthday party favors. They are the thorn in my side when it comes to party planning. Two years in a row, the main things I ordered for the little goody bags didn't arrive on time, leaving me feeling like a kids' birthday party throwing failure. Maryann at Raise Healthy Eaters asks why we do this, if we all hate it so badly. What do you think? -Jenna]

Am I the Only Mom Who Hates Party Favors?:

what a life saver!Whenever I go to kiddie birthday parties I find myself asking the same two questions: When did providing party favors become the norm? And what are we teaching our kids by providing them with gifts at someone else’s birthday party?

I could be the only mom who feels this way but I don’t think so. Every time I discuss my issue with party favors with other moms, they always agree with me. They admit that they dish out the goods because they don’t want to be the only parent who disappoints.


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