Why Is This Football Coach Still A Guidance Counselor?

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[Editor’s note: I’m not sure you’re going to want to read about Pat Lynch. It might just ruin your day. Or your week. Or make you so furious as to boycott football entirely. Given Penn State. Given Joe Paterno. Lynch was forced to resign as football coach at Buffalo High School in Wyoming after giving his players a very helpful “bullying” handout called “The Hurt Feelings Report." Which was filled with sexist and anti-gay slurs. For which Lynch was so sorry that officials let him keep his other job—as the school’s guidance counselor! Paul the Spud at Shakespeare’s Sister spells out some of the outrageous things from Lynch’s “report.” Do you think this man should be counseling teenagers?—Mona]

Under a list of reasons for filing the report, the survey offers choices including 'I have woman like hormones', 'I am a queer', 'I am a cry baby'. 'I am a little b****' and 'my butt is easily hurt'

At the end of the report it leaves a space for the name of the 'little sissy filing this report' and the filer's 'girly-man signature'.

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Credit Image: Barbara KB on Flickr

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