Why I Don't Raise My Kids to Be Color Blind

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[Editor's Note: Some people try to teach their kids to be color blind, and while that may sound like a positive thing, Vanessa at De Su Mama says it can actually be more harmful than good -- especially for minority and mixed-race kids. Read what she has to say and tell us what you think. --Grace]

For those of us who can’t choose when skin color is relevant to the discourse of our lives, color blindness is worse than a joke — its dangerous.

As it pertains to raising color blind kids, I wouldn’t dare consider this approach as a viable lesson plan. And especially as a parent to children of mixed backgrounds, I would never subject them to an ideology that strips them of their skin color, their culture, their heritage. Why would anyone want to remove the beauty of this world’s differences from the conversation, anyway? Color blindness does not allow us to embrace the differences among us; nor then grant us the opportunity to learn how much of the same we really are. If you are looking to raise globally astute citizens of the world, taking the color blind approach is not for you.

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