Dear Proud Parents, Please Brag More

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Editor's Note: The next time you hear or read something that tells you bragging about your children is wrong or bothersome or someone else's pet peeve, I want you to recall this post by Katie at Fire Wife Katie. The truth is that when you share your kids' accomplishments with the next door neighbor, someone hears you. That someone is your child. -Jenna

Why I love hearing about YOUR child's accomplishments:

I think my kids recognize, maybe more than I acknowledge, when I am proud of them. They hear me talking to my family and neighbors about their accomplishments. For that reason, and just because I'm enthralled by how much growth these little people accomplish in such a short time, I LOVE hearing about the successes of the children I come in contact with, no matter what they've accomplished. I love hearing it, because I know somewhere there's a little person out there beaming with pride because his mommy cares.

I think those little moments of watching his parents excitedly share his successes with the neighbors add up. And maybe one of those neighbors will stop him and say "I heard you won an award at school! That's wonderful!" Then he'll grow a stockpile of accomplishments and compliments, to help him feel like he's good at something.

In this light, I hope my own children realize how proud I am of them for all of their hard work!

Please Brag More
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