Why I’m Not a Fan of the Fed’s Ruling Regarding Sports for Students With Disabilities

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(Editor's Note: When the U.S. Education Department issued a directive last month telling schools they must include students with disabilities in sports programs or provide alternative opportunities, I said "it's about time". But like most issues, there are two sides. In this post, Andi from Bringing The Sunshine, explains why she opposes the new policy. ~js

Sounds great, right? Equal rights for all! Hmmm….maybe not. It sounds great on the surface, but lots of things work in theory yet fall apart in the face of reality. I know lots of people will liken this decision to that of integration (and I’m not just talking racial integration – remember that integration of kids with disabilities was a separate fight that was won much later), but I don’t agree (not wholly, anyway). Others have compared it to Title IX – the mandate that gave women equal sports opportunities – but I find that comparison lacking, as well.

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