Why I'd Choose a Hospital Birth All Over Again

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[Editor's Note: In all of the discussions about the benefits of home birth and, related, the pitfalls of hospital births, it's important to hear from mothers who share their hospital experiences. Good and bad. Katie at Sassy Silly Spunky Momma defends hospital births because of the dramatic way in which her son entered the world. It's an important read and discussion. -Jenna]

Why I Would Choose a Hospital Birth Again and Again:

love isIt seems to me that hospitals have really been taking a hit lately on all the things they do wrong when a woman is giving birth. Many people think there are too many unnecessary interventions (true, but take a stand against them), the C-section rate is too high (I blame this both on doctors AND mothers) and women’s childbirth wishes are ignored. While all of these things can absolutely be true, I also see a huge benefit to having your baby in a hospital.

Both of my pregnancies were low risk. I never had high blood pressure or gestational diabetes or anything else that would raise any red flags. I was what the doctors would call a “textbook pregnancy.” I would have been the perfect candidate to have my babies either at a birthing center or at home. As I quickly found out, a perfect pregnancy can take a very unexpected turn for the worst without any warning.

Charlie’s birth was some of the scariest moments in my life.

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