Why I'm Not Doing a Facebook Cleanse

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[Editor's Note: It's Thanksgiving -- you know, that time when we spend hours with the people we love; watching football and eating turkey and sneaking peeks at our Facebook timeline on our phone.  Er... Pam-a-rama Ding Dong has a great post about why she's not doing a Facebook cleanse, and why she's not going to feel guilty about it.  So just in case you're getting flack today for checking your phone from time to time, here are several reasons you can shoot back for why Facebook is important. --Mel]

It’s happening more and more.  A Facebook friend will announce that they won’t be on Facebook for a week, a month, indefinitely, whatever.  So if you want them to know something, you have to e-mail or call them.  Even my 13-year-old niece deactivated her account for a short time because she felt she was spending too much time on Facebook.

How many people checked Facebook today despite being around people in the face-to-face world?

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