Why Is It So Hard to Volunteer at My Kids' School?

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Have you tried to volunteer at your child's school in the past few years? Have you run into a number of roadblocks? Have you had to attend training and get a background check? Me too. And while I understand that, it bothers me; no, it saddens me. I just want to help, like Jenn at Martial Arts Mommy Archive, but she's feeling kind of bummed out by it all.

I have run into the same problems and have thought the same things:

Thank you Volunteers cake.Today I attended the first training session of the Learning Leaders program which my child's school requires to be a volunteer. At the beginning of the session we all went around and introduced ourselves and everyone said the same things. I want to be helpful to the teachers. Class sizes are so big. I want to be more involved in the school community. I want to HELP.

I am not against the program, rather, I think it is a very good one. But I am against the need for such a program to begin with. What ever happened to "Hello child's teacher. I am free most mornings, do you need any help in the classroom?"

What happened is frivolous lawsuits. What happened is Jerry Sandusky. What happened is a news media that makes it sound like children are being abducted from street corners and schoolyards every five minutes. Fear sells. And school administrators are buying it.


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