Why It's Critical for Families that Mississippi's "Personhood" Amendment Failed

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[Editor's note: There was so much wrong with Mississippi's so-called Personhood Amendment that I can't begin to describe how elated I am that it failed. If you weren't following the vote, you'll be shocked by what the measure would have done. Particularly a terrifying provision that would have banned women from even getting fertility treatments. As Jessica Arons points out at American Progress, Mississippi's families are already struggling.--Mona]

As it is, Mississippians have enough trouble taking care of the children they do have. The statistics tell a grim tale. Mississippi has the highest rate of poverty in the nation, with 22.4 percent of the state living below the federal poverty level in 2010, and also has the worst amount of food insecurity.


Credit Image: Ken Lund on Flickr

Read more from Mississippi Rightfully Rejects Personhood Amendment at American Progress


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