Why Kids Today Worry Me

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Most of the time I roll my eyes at "kids these days" sentiments and blog posts. Yes, being a kid today is different than when we were children. It's supposed to be! That said, Becky at Stories About My Underpants had me howling with her incomplete list of why kids today worry her. Howling. Because most of it is spot on.

One of her points can't be argued:

Lourdie Learnign to Ride a Bike April 15, 2012 2Falling down and feeling it.

Maybe this is mean and perhaps the reason why the universe has kept kids away from me up until this point, but I think maybe it’s ok sometimes to fall off your bike. Ok, I’ll give you the helmet thing; closed head injuries are bad all around, and boy should I know. But c’mon, it’s called a calculated risk, people! It’s a bike, it’s not motorized, your kid needs to learn some balance already and nothing teaches a kid balance like a few scrapes and bruises.

Future Mother of the Year? Obviously.


Photo Credit: stevendepolo.

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