Why Is the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Even Necessary?

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Did you face discrimination while you were working while pregnant? The truth is that some expectant mothers do face nasty work environments and even termination while carrying their babies. It stinks, but it's the facts. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is geared to help make sure that our pregnant mothers are protected on the job, but Tiny Steps Mommy wants to know why, in 2012, this is still an issue. Why is it still a question?

She shares some of her story and begins asking the hard questions:

#marchphotoaday - redThe commonsense modifications I allowed myself were designed to give me the strength to work to the very end of my pregnancy. These are the same accommodations I allowed my assistant when she was pregnant. When a person is treated with fairness and sensitivity, the returns are immeasurable. Unfortunately, not every company or boss is as well versed in the needs of pregnant women.

I am always astounded when fairness and commonsense have to be legislated. Yet, so much of what I believe to be simple forms of “decency” and “humanity” requires the enforcement of our government. My question is why?

Why does a company need to be told that they cannot deny pregnant employees water or a stool to sit on in order to accommodate specific needs during pregnancy?

Why does an employer need to be told that they cannot fire a pregnant employee to avoid making any reasonable accommodations?

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