Why Pro-Life Moms Are Fighting Mississippi's Prop.26

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[Editor's note: I don’t believe a fertilized egg is a person. I just don’t. So the idea of Prop. 26, the “personhood” amendment coming to a vote in Mississippi, completely horrifies me. The law wouldn’t just make abortion a crime. Oh, no. It would also make the Pill and other methods of birth control tantamount to murder.
But as Allison Korn at RH Reality Check reports, there’s strong opposition to the bill from some unlikely groups.--Mona]

She writes:

For example, Atlee Breland, a lifelong Mississippian and Christian mother, started the blog, Parents Against MS 26. Although she has never considered herself a “pro-choice activist,” she feels strongly about the potential impact of the measure beyond the abortion issue. Ms. Breland herself sought infertility treatment to have her three children, and she is worried about Prop 26’s impact on IVF and similar infertility treatments.

Can you imagine birth control being a crime? Or being banned from using IVF? Are you worried about these "personhood" amendments passing?

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