Why So Many Marathon Deaths?

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The tragic news last week about Claire Squires, a 30-year-old woman who collapsed and died at mile 25 during the London Marathon, rocked even strangers to their core. Squires was taking part in the event to raise money for a charity organization and donations have soared in her honor. Hearing the news compelled Tina, from For the Love of the Run, to share details of her second marathon - a race in which she came close to death as well.

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If you are a runner or you are thinking about becoming a runner, you should read this. If you have just started running you should read this. If you think you know everything about running and no one can tell you nuttin' you should still read this. Most importantly, if you are any of the above and you have people in your life that love you and care about you, you should read this.

Race deaths (geez, is there a name for this occurrence now?) seem to be a taboo subject for runners. What good would it be to tell your family and friends "wow, another runner died at a race this week" unless you want to scare the crap about them from now on every time you step out to the start of a race?

And as runners, we all tend to make assumptions about what might have caused the death- perhaps this is our way of reassuring ourselves that this cannot happen to us:

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