Celebrate The Healing Hands of Time

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In this instant, disposable, have-it-all-your-way-right-this-very-instant society, that old adage, "time heals all wounds" is a frustrating truth. So, this blogger asks, why fight it?:

What about the young mom who is balancing babies and carpool and forgiveness? She knows she has to. Theoretically, she wants to. But those deep wounds coupled with her pride combined with the rigors of the day-to-day? She's getting there, she's making progress. She's learning and growing and finding healing even in the midst of her crazy life, but daily she's tempted to despair because complete change isn't hers yet. The process feels terribly slow and the pain of the past weighs her down. Still.

Healing in one area but not yet another doesn't mean failure. Conviction and awareness that come incrementally doesn't mean you're losing.

It means God is at work.

Time Girl

Image: benimoto via Flickr


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