Why Women Need the Fair Pay Act More Than Ever

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[Editor's note:Today the Senate is set to vote on the Fair Pay Act. At a time when women are increasingly supporting their families, I don’t know why it’s even an issue. It just doesn’t seem--oh, what’s the word? Fair. But the House wouldn’t even allow a vote. Robin Marty at RH Reality Check stresses why today’s vote is so critical for women, especially given our concerns about the economy--Mona]

A lack of livable wage jobs, the massive layoffs in the public sector -- which is predominately female -- lack of maternity leave, paid sick time and fair wages regardless of the sex of the employee are all women's issues. Health care, which costs more for women, and annual preventative care which is a must-have for every woman over the age of 18, are women's issues.

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Have you ever found out that a colleague was earning more for doing the same job? What did you do about it? Do you think the Fair Pay Act would benefit you?

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