Why You Should Clean Up Your Twitter Stream

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I have to admit that I didn't know that numbers actually matter a bit when it comes to Twitter. I mean, everyone knows that more followers = better, but did you also know that the number of people you're following matters? I didn't.

Selfish Mom recently had a post about cleaning up your Twitter account by unfollowing people and why everyone should do this from time to time.

So you’re on twitter and you want to get more out of it. The easiest way is to trim the fat – unfollow all of those accounts that aren’t adding anything to your tweetstream. I just did this and feel lighter. 1,350 followers lighter, in fact.

I did two separate things: I unfollowed just about everyone who hadn’t tweeted in at least a month, and I unfollowed a large number of the people who weren’t following me back.

Not only does she explain why you should pare back your list every so often, but she points out numerous tools to help you do so. Thanks, Selfish Mom!

Do you cull people out of your Twitter list? How often do you prune?

Photo Credit: London, UK on Shutterstock.

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