Why You Should Read Chapter Books to Your Young Kids

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[Editor's Note: Do you read chapter books with your younger kids? I remember the first one that we started and finished as a family; my boys were amazed. Now we read chapter books at bedtime and "regular" kid-centric picture-and-story books during the day. It actually makes my kids look forward to bedtime. Who knew? Jillian at A Mom with a Lesson Plan recently wrote a bunch of reasons why reading chapter books to young kids is a good idea. You should check it out! -Jenna]

Why Should You Read Chapter Books with Young Kids:

HDR Street Photography, Jul 2009 - 03As we began the next book I started really thinking about what M and M were gaining from these experiences and how I could expand on them even more…

1. Chapter books will build on a love for reading.

2. Kids will gain an even greater appreciation for the written word. (There are no pictures to pull you through.)

3. Chapter books force you to practice patience. It would be impossible to read a 300 page book in one sitting. With chapter books you are often forced to press pause on something so exciting. (How many times have you told yourself “just one more page” while reading a nail biting novel?)

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