Body Image: Maybe Toddlers Are on to Something

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Editor's Note: Have you ever watched a toddler walk around without a shirt on? They strut a little bit. They pat their round bellies, stick them out and smile. We don't do that as adults, do we? Shasta at Outrageous Fortune explores why we don't treasure our bellies -- our core -- the same way as toddlers do. It makes me want to love my belly a little more. -Jenna

Why Your Toddler Thinks About Her Body Differently Than You Do:

I have spent hours watching both my children experiment with wiggles of their pelvises or twisting of their torsos. Rolling around on the floor with them, I have rediscovered the physical experience of childhood — banging on the floor with our powerful back and thigh muscles, the feet a mere afterthought, or arching our backs so that our heads pop up, the hands against the floor steadying us rather than providing the bulk of our support.

The child who walks with a big, soft tummy and wide legs is much more aware of her core and its ability to propel her through space than the adult with a rigid spine and an aching lumbar. We could take a lesson from her, rather than the other way around.

Credit: mom320.

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