Realizing Your Child Inherited Your Personality Traits

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Editor's Note: Did you ever have one of those moments when you realized, "Oh man, my kid is more like me than I realized." Maybe it's a personality trait of yours that you don't really like. Or the way you phrase or say something. Gina at The Daily B woke in the middle of the night to find her daughter cleaning -- and had one of those moments. -Jenna

Wide Awake at 3AM:

"Honey, you did an amazing job tidying up your room, but it's the middle of the night. Couldn't you wait and clean it in the morning?"

"No mommy. Daddy said if I wanted more playdates with friends, I have to tidy up my stuff. And I couldn't sleep because I wanted to do it RIGHT NOW."

I peeled back her perfectly straightened quilt and tucked her in, then stroked her hair until her mind settled back down and she fell asleep.

I always assumed B was more like Kris. Free spirited. Unapologetic of her messiness. She's the kid Kris takes backpacking, because she loves dirt and adventure and having no agenda except fun. She, like Kris, has an uncanny ability to live in the present.

But standing in her moonlight bedroom, I realized this kid is like me, and that scares me.

Credit: kenwilcox.

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