Wild Horses Could Not Drag Me Away From You (Again)

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One of my favourite things to do in the Outer Banks is to head north to the area where they have the wild horses.I had envisioned sitting on the beach watching wild horses race in the water (like they do in the movie "Nights of Rodanthe" with Diane Lane). That would be so cool. But, they don't perform like that.The wild horses sort of wander around behind the dunes, in people's yards, on the "roads", but I still love to try to find them.We packed up all our beach stuff and a picnic and drove the hour north to where the road ends and you have to continue to drive on the beach.We stopped shortly before the beach to let some air out of our tires - which makes it easier to drive on the sand (and less likely to get stuck).Luckily we did too, as we saw a few people get stuck. . . .

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