Will the Election in Egypt Improve Women's Rights? Or Make Women's Lives Worse?

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[When I scanned the photos of the Egyptian election, I noticed it immediately. Only a few women were visible in the ecstatic crowds. It was mostly men, shouting and raising their fists. And it made me fear that this historic election will leave women out. A newly released Gallup Poll of Arab countries,in fact, finds that men and women want some form of Sharia law in government. What will this mean for women’s rights? Joseph Mayton at Bikyamasr offers a disturbing glimpse of what’s going on in Egypt.—Mona]

In early June, an anti-sexual harassment protest was held in the square after more reports of sexual violence against women were reported. That protest was attacked by angry men. It was yet another dark stain on the future of Egypt, with women again being attacked for their desire to protest and make claim to the future of their country.

“I was pushing through and as the men were praying in the square, I had my butt and chest grabbed repeatedly by people,” one Egyptian woman, who asked that her identity not be revealed, told Bikyamasr.com on Wednesday evening.


Credit Image: © Majdi Fathi/APA Images/ZUMAPRESS.com/

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