Will Keeping a Pinky Promise Set Our Kids Up for Future Heartbreak?

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Do you remember pinky promises? Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure I broke more than my fair share back in the day (I am horrible with secrets). My oldest son has just learned about pinky promises and has requested a few over the past few months. I love A Happy Lemon's way of adding "try" into her pinky promise -- because then it's really not possible to break it as long as you try, right?

But she's run into a problem: Her son has never been let down by a broken promise. Is this a great thing or not? Continue reading for her thoughts after checking out this snippet:

pinky promise.Today my own son insists on the "Pinky Promise" - a respected and highly useful ploy to ensure parental follow through. He is too young and innocent yet to insist that I remove the "try" from my promise. Example: I promise to try to pick you up early from after care or I promise to think about taking you to the Lego store and letting you pick out a $300.00 over priced set. (Although I do technically think about it, my thinking usually takes about three seconds on that one). Although I dread the moment he will insist on a straight answer, I know I will have the courage to face his disappointment. Much better to disappoint him over a temporary want than in his mother's character.

Yet I was amazed and touched recently when, during a Pinky Promise (to take him to the park after we ran errands) he made the following comment: "Our family always keeps our promises. We are a promise keeping family!" He said it with such conviction and sincerity that I wanted to cry.

Someday he will be hurt when someone betrays him.

Photo Credit: hellokayla.

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