“Winging It” with Some Coca-Cola Hot Wings, Korean BBQ-Style

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My husband and I have both been known to go a little gaga over Korean BBQ. It has that perfectly tastebud-mesmerizing combination of flavors that, once we start eating it, we can’t seem to get enough of; with that toasty and nutty warmth of sesame oil, the mild heat of freshly cracked black pepper, the slightly lemony and spicy kick from fresh ginger, the warm pungency from garlic, the sweetness of brown sugar, or my favorite, Coca-Cola, and the “umami-ness” (is that a word?) of dark soy sauce. And all of those bold and aromatic flavors work so perfectly well together with meat when it comes to the marination of it, or when combined into a finishing glaze, especially for tasty finger-food types of meat like little chicken drumettes—the larger, more succulent part of the chicken wing. . . .

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