This Winter

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I love to be home with my family. It has been an amazing opportunity.But gall dang it, this winter might break us.We haven't seen a winter like this in 30 years in Minnesota.Thirty years.Isaac is trying to convince me that it's "warm" out on days that he reads it's above zero on the news.We've been avoiding all indoor play places, because somehow, somehow, I've decided that my sanity is worth our health. And really, I do think that is the right choice.I'm so thankful that we do have the space of this house, because the boys are able to do races in the living room and when I'm really desperate, stuffed animal fights in their room.I feel this blog's relevancy completely slipping through my fingers, as I've long said my ability to document and faithfully photograph was solidly embedded in the fact that I worked away from home. . . .

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