Grocery Shopping with a Toddler: Lessons in Perserverance

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Editor's Note: Grocery shopping with a toddler. Is there anything worse? Other than grocery shopping with multiple toddlers? Brittany at Knewlywifed shared a trip to the grocery store that made me laugh and cringe and cry all at the same time. The tears were mostly tears because I was laughing so hard -- because if you can't laugh at the horror that is errands with a small child, you're doomed. -Jenna

Woe to the Grocery Store Mom:

You have arrived. Your weekly grocery store trip with a toddler.

Once inside, you move quickly towards the carts, hoping you can slip his spider legs into those friggin' square holes before he screams 'NO!', or 'OUCH, you are hurrrrrrting me!'

Mission accomplished.

Now, you settle your belongings elsewhere in the cart because that little space that once held your purse, remember that? Yea, it's now holding your kid, an army man, an owl, 2 coats and a hat. Yea.

Grocery with a Toddler
Credit: europedistrict.

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