Woman to Woman: On Giving Marital Advice

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A Christian woman writes about her approach to advising friends on their marriage, when asked:

"So I have a rule. I never, ever talk badly about my friend’s husbands. I won’t tell her how awful he is or how he should just shape up. I don’t tear him down or council her to stand up to him. I may sometimes think those things, but it is not my place to come between my friend and her husband. The marriage relationship is the most sacred human bond in Scripture, making you one with another person (Mark 10:8). I am also aware that I am only hearing one side of the story. I don’t think my friend is lying or deceiving me. She’s just venting. I have to remember that. I don’t need to solve her problem. I just need to listen."




Image credit: Jim Legans, Jr via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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