Women: Toot Your Own Horn & Earn More

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Women don't like to toot their own horn (as a general rule). Instead we'd rather work harder and then seethe when no one notices and we get passed over for the promotion, client, etc. In this article facts combined with practical tips will get you out of the shadows and into the habit of talking about your brilliance.

In a recent survey of working adults conducted by Accenture, 68 percent of the women thought it took hard work and long hours to advance in a company. The result often leaves women feeling burned out, and in some cases, they don’t even choose to move up the ladder. Yet the study also found that even though many women are dissatisfied with their jobs, they aren’t planning to leave the company any time soon.

In reality, people don’t advance into top positions just because they work harder and give up their lives for the company. If you focus on these traits, you will be more resentful than successful.

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