Women, War & Peace: Their Untold Stories Are Finally Seen on PBS

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[Editor's note: It's rare that we see war and peace through a distinctly female lens. This week that will change with the landmark PBS series Women, War & PeaceThe first film, I Came to Testify, tells the harrowing tale of the Bosnian women of Foca during the Balkans War. Pamela Hogan, who wrote and directed the film, recalls their tremendous suffering at Women and Hollywood.--Mona]

She writes:

In Foca, Bosnian Muslim women and girls had been targeted in the military takeover of the town. Many were held by individual Serb soldiers and forced to endure rape and enslavement. Some were held at gunpoint for months with other women in a sports hall. One witness remembers: “We were treated like animals. But that was the goal: to kill a woman’s dignity.”

Sometimes war in far-off countries like Bosnia, Rwanda, and the Congo can seem to have little to do with us. Or make us feel powerless in the face of such massive injustice. But I hope you'll watch the series. And if you do, please share with us your thoughts.

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