A Word on Heirloom Guilt

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For a person or a family that is focused on a minimal-stuff lifestyle, dealing with heirlooms can pose an emotional challenge. Heirlooms come from a place and time when our ancestors were not the rabid consumers we are today, they had fewer things, usually not made of plastic, so what to do with them all? Bea has some ideas:

"I do not need to store my grandmother's pot, I can actually use it (it even inspired my home's orange touches!). I think my grandmother would be happy to know that I have not let the pot clutter my life (stored for safekeeping somewhere, using up expensive real estate), she would be thrilled to know that I am actually using it. After-all, it is not the stuff that she left behind, but the memories and the stories that we share, that matter. "


Image credit: snarledskein via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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