Working from Home: Not the Luxury You Think

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Is working from home a luxury? So many people think so, yet ask someone who does and they will laugh at you. I've worked from home via telecommuting to a corporate job and as my own boss. While I consider it a privilege to work from home, it's not as luxurious as you think. Here's one working mother's answer to those who think it's luxurious...

Like millions of people around the world, I have successfully worked from home for many years – since 1998 to be exact. As a remote worker, I believe my efficiency, availability and output far exceeds the vast majority of traditional workers. I am not plagued by office politics, constant interruptions and distractions or a draining commute. What I am plagued by, however, is the condescending comments often made by those who have either never worked from home or worked from home unsuccessfully.

For me, the most offensive comment is that working from home is a “luxury.”

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