Working Mother Solves the "Find a Babysitter" Problem

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Finding a reliable babysitter is an ongoing challenge for working parents. Referrals are great, but unless you have one at your disposal, it can be a search in the dark for someone to care for your most precious cargo. Luckily one woman chose to do something about it and created a multi-million dollar business in the process.

You may remember advertising your babysitting services on local bulletin boards or light poles around town but now there’s a more sophisticated way to go about it thanks to Genevieve Thiers. In college, she started a business from her dorm room connecting parents and babysitters with $120 her father loaned her for the domain registration. now has over one million registered caregivers and 70 full-time employees working to help them connect with parents in need.

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Credit Image: jemsweb via Flickr

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