Working Through Distractions

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[Editor's Note: Working parents are masters of working through distractions. There's the usual list of day to day distractions and then the myriad that come from calls from the kid's school, unexpected childcare difficulties, loved one at home with the sniffles. It goes on and on. There is an art to managing the balance between flexibility and being a reliable team member on the job. - Paula G]

The Art of Working Through Distraction

“Bella puked at school. She’s waiting at the office for you.”

This is the call I got Wednesday morning at my office. 9:30am as I was stuffing my face with an oatmeal bar and contemplating a second coffee. These are the times I am increasingly thankful for a job that walks the talk of being “family first,” as all I had to do was fire off an email to HR that I’d be back when I could and thank my co-worker for covering the phone. I work approximately a 20minute drive from the girls’ school and spent the entire trip picturing my poor girl huddled up to a bucket in an office filled with windows. I pushed the gas pedal a little harder than necessary.

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working through distractions

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