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[Editor's Note: The question all parents face at one point or another -- should we have more children -- is often more complicated than outsiders realize. Over at The Fragile X Files, Bonnie wrote about a discussion on Facebook as to whether parents should have more children if they are carriers of the Fragile X gene. After discussing odds (50/50? really?), Bonnie launches into her own "data" that she has "collected" after having twins with Fragile X and how that would shape her decision. Have you ever felt, Fragile X or not, that the decision to have more children was stripped from you? -Jenna]

To Have, or Not to Have (More Children):

Fragile XBecause I have two children with Fragile X, I immediately imagine what it would be like to have more like them.

If AJ were my only Fragile X child, I could fairly easily consider having another like him. He's easygoing and sweet and not usually aggressive. He's happy, most of the time, and he's hilarious. When he has a tantrum, it involves crying and sadness.

If Zack were my only Fragile X child, most days I don't think I'd consider having more. He is so aggressive with everyone he doesn't know, and most people he does know. He's much more affected by autism. He's harder to make happy and when he has a tantrum, he yells and screams and lashes out at whoever is within reach.

Even though we knew we didn't want more than 3 children, finding out I was a carrier of the Fragile X gene felt like wall, barring me from having any more. I didn't want more, but I also didn't necessarily want the option taken away from me.

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